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Love Style ⅩⅧ

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Chrome Pendant
Chrome Pendant+Link Chain
Chrome Pendant+Leather Chain
Limited Edition-💎S925 Silver-Chrome Pendant
Limited Edition-💎S925 Silver-Chrome Pendant+Link Chain
Limited Edition-💎S925 Silver-Chrome Pendant+Leather Chain
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#Let your dream fly#

''Let your dreams fly.Give them wings.Be who you want to be,just by being fearless.''

Do you have a dream in your heart you dare not have the courage to dream? Do you yearn for something deep within you but it seems way out of your reach?

I know what it is like to dream and yearn but the more you dream, the more the dream seems unreachable. People in your life ask you constantly to give up on your dream and jump on the bandwagon. You are told constantly about other people who had dreams and made no money out of it or ended up living off their families and friends. The conclusion of the story would be give up, pack up and move on with life.

All our dreams can become true if we have the courage to pursue them.

Pendant Size:1.18''*0.78'' (3cm*2cm)
Package: 1 x Little Witch Necklace
Material: Metal Plating | S925 Sterling Silver

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